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Before DVR system came along few years back, there was CCTV. For many years, CCTV, which stands for ‘Closed Circuit Television’ was the main choice for security camera systems. It usually consisted of one or more cameras, one television monitor, and a tape recording device such as VCR [Video Cassette Recorder]. Images of videos then will be displayed on the monitor and at the same time will be recorded on video cassette. The main problem with video cassette recording was that user needed to change the cassette every 8 to 24 hours or so. And over time, the quality of images became worse and worse due to over-use of the cassette.

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But now, there is a new system called the ‘DVR’, which stands for ‘Digital Video Recorder’, which replaced most of the old, outdated, CCTV systems. As the name emphasizes, the camera images are recorded digitally on computer hard-drives. And other unique feature of DVR is that live images of camera can be viewed anywhere in the world where internet connection is available, with the click of a mouse button. And it also can be viewed from smartphone at any time. Video images can also be copied from hard-drive to any other portable media which then can be removed and viewed elsewhere.

For more information about DVR/CCTV systems, call one of our professional staff at 213-383-1000.

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